Media moguls should watch out for Aereo internet streaming TV start-up

The annual Allen & Co Sun Valley Conference has been running for 31 years.

“The heavy weights of media and technology gather in Sun Valley, Idaho for Allen & Co.’s summer camp for billionaires, millionaires, and those that aspire to be either.

Allen & Co is a small investment bank that works on a lot of deals. It gathers people like Warren Buffett, Jerry Yang, Tim Cook, and others for a conference each summer in Idaho.

At the conference, the media moguls either start on big deals, like when Comcast’s Brian Roberts started talks about buying NBC, or they get closer to closing deals. Or, they just catch up with people in the industry and trade gossip”. Source Business Insider

The big deal buzz this year was the auction of Hulu but the media moguls that own Hulu opted not to sell.

“Speaking on the sidelines of the Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger said the decision to not sell “had nothing to do with the offers on the table,” which he described as “quite compelling.” Mr. Iger said the $750 million investment in Hulu will go to “people, technology and content.” Source WSJ


With Aereo you can now watch live, broadcast television online. On devices you already have. No cable required.

Watch and Record TV Online with Aereo

If the major networks are free, and everyone has internet access, why can’t we watch network channels online? A New York-based start-up, Aereo, is looking to solve this dilemma, by bringing broadcast signals online at a very low cost.

 Chet Kanolja – Aereo Founder is at

#17 in the list of Forbes Disruptors

“Two years ago Kanojia visited the ­offices of the four broadcast television networks to tell them about his plan to upend their business. How? Aereo makes tiny antennas that pick up broadcasters’ channels for free. For $8 a month you can rent access to an antenna that beams the live feed directly to your computer, iPad or iPhone—compared with $100 or more for cable TV. “The reaction was ‘We’ll see you in court,’ ” Kanojia recalls. True to their word, all four broadcasters joined suit against Aereo last year, arguing it threatened them with “substantial irremediable losses.” The U.S. District Court in New York sided with the upstart, but the networks have appealed.

Meantime, IAC Chairman Barry Diller has joined Aereo’s board and helped lead a $38 million venture round in January. Aereo is using that cash to expand from New York to 22 cities this year; it’s also battling to license select programming. As for the rest of the television industry, Kanojia has little sympathy. “What you have is a legacy business that’s predatory,” he says. “We have a chance to recast the whole system from the ’70s on.”” — J.J. Cola, Forbes

WDGLL specs

Aereo is expanding their streaming service aggressively across major US cities.

It will be interesting to see how events unfold and whether the on-demand TV streaming service will be launched in Europe.

For me, Chet Kanolja has a refreshing approach to challenging the media moguls and their cable bundles which do not allow the consumer to choose only what they want.

With Aereo individuals have the ability to choose what they like on-demand and also skip adverts. Why pay for what you don’t watch on cable.

I particularly like the “Skinny live with deep libraries” quote and the term “TV Everywhere”

Barry Diller is an industry veteran and has invested heavily in Aereo and the on-demand streaming service will work.


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