ITIL global best practice digital content must be dynamic and interactive

AxelosGBPFuture Opportunities ITIL/ITSM Workshop

“We are holding a three-day workshop focussing on the PPM and ITIL/ITSM portfolios from 16th-18th July.

We have invited a cross-section of represented interests (including vendors, practitioners, training organisations and authors).

This workshop, the first in a series, aims to define the priorities for ITIL and PPM and to take the opportunities for improving them from social media discussion to defined tranches of activity for implementation.

We will be sharing the output with the broader communities and further workshops will follow so watch this space for information and invites”

AXELOS Best Management Practice – eBulletin 3

“Key achievements included the development of ideas and concepts like the “Onion” or “Doughnut” (for PPMers) that provides a framework to enable community collaboration, development of modular materials and potentially tackle “two speed ITIL”.  It was also useful to discuss the needs of the wider global community and also what this all means to the end user or practitioner”.

Chris Barrett – AXELOS Director


So you can see from the above side by side view that the “Onion” concept is very similar to the ITIL v3 approach orchestrated by Chief Architect –Sharon Taylor where the outer layer (in yellow) comprises of dynamic content. I am not sure how successful The Stationary Office or The Cabinet Office were in harvesting upto-date content / materials.

The Onion Model comprises of:

  • “The centre has the very stable ITIL core
  • The next layer has modular content such as role or industry-specific information
  • And then further layers have more practical content such as templates, guides, and case studies
  • The very outside layer is community owned and community driven with AXELOS and the community curating and promoting this

Content is able to move inwards as it becomes accepted best practice”.

Stuart Rance HP

The major difference is that six years on the enabling technology for content co-creation and collaboration now makes it likely that the layers of the onion can be achieved.

Here is an example of how the core guidance books should become digital and more interactive.

Mike Matas demos the first full-length interactive book

for the iPad with clever, swipeable video and graphics and data visualizations.

Evolution of Content Creation

Georg Petschnigg, Co-Founder & CEO FiftyThree, Inc.

We don’t even know what the mechanisms are yet to get many people creating content together

Content Curation

Ann Handley – author of the book Content Rules

and Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Content as a cornerstone of social media

WDGLL specsWith regard to the Onion Concept, why should individuals create industry specific and practical content?

Content that is free, such as White Papers or Case Studies, will continue to be commissioned by Vendors.

Moreover, content co-creation and sharing of ideas and leading practices will will result in the IT Service Management community of practitioners setting the strategy and direction of travel.


Paid content where “How to” leading IT Service Management practices can be purchased will require careful consideration in order to balance cost against value derived.

Who will be paid for creating this content, the author or Axelos?

Axelos stated that they project revenue growth to c. £100 million per annum, for me 90% of this figure will come from training [gamification] rather than deployment of leading practices content.

Back to the workshop and my tweet:

@AXELOS_GBP #futureofitil – was success achieved? Strategy & Roadmap outcomes. Chatham House rules apply but #jvCommunicating req. #itil

Expecting a formal response next week

In closing, when content is sent to Axelos what is the process / method for inclusion as a global best practice and who will own the IP?


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