Keeping up with changes in Enterprise Mobility


IDC MarketScape covers a variety of vendors participating in the worldwide enterprise mobility consulting market which covers the advisory, assessment, plan, design, and implementation phases of the services life cycle.

“According to IDC analysis and buyer perception, Accenture is an IDC MarketScape Leader worldwide. Accenture helps its clients embrace mobility as a strategy to deliver real, measurable, and sustainable improvements in performance. Accenture Mobility combines technology capabilities, deep industry experience, world-class processes, proprietary assets, and infrastructure to improve business processes and enable its clients to reach new heights of growth, efficiency, and innovation. Accenture’s end-to-end mobility solutions — including consulting, software services, managed services, and business integration services — can be delivered globally at scale in any market and across any industry”.

“While IT remains the chief sponsor of enterprise mobility consulting services in an enterprise, the interest in and buying power of lines-of-business heads and the CMO’s office for enterprise mobility consulting projects are almost the same. Therefore, it’s ever more critical for enterprise mobility consulting providers to be able to penetrate both the IT and the business leads within their client base to succeed in winning deals in the enterprise mobility consulting space.” — Ali Zaidi, senior research analyst, IT Consulting and Systems Integration Services.

Hospitality industry leaders know that the key to success in this competitive business is delivering an unparalleled customer experience. In today’s environment, that means more than just turn-down service and a mint on the pillow.

The traveling public expects more from their hospitality services these days:

  • mobile and web-based reservations and confirmations,
  • mobile keyless room access
  • to remote concierge and check-in options.

Phunware Corporate Overview

Anticipate What Tomorrow Brings and

Be Ready for It with Mobility Lifecycle Management

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Mobile devices and applications let people work the same way they live—always connected.

Work Redesigned

Buy the right device that suits your personal needs rather than BYOD

WDGLL specs

So the above examples from big-time consulting, communications service providers and a pioneer in the field of MaaS show the application of different approaches to differentiation in the Enterprise Mobile market.

Dan Hays, PwC US Wireless Advisory Leader – LINK

“You could argue that today there’s very little differentiation in the mobile communications industry,”

“The phones are all starting to look alike. The services are all becoming fairly ubiquitous. It all feels very similar. That’s when there’s the potential for business model disruption.”

Accenture CIO Mobility Survey 2013 – LINK

“Small devices have become very, very big. The last time CIOs saw a groundswell this huge, it was back in the late 90s and called “the web.”

“being able to interact with customers and prospects no matter where they are, along with the ability to enhance customer intimacy and revenues”.


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