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ServiceNow Leadership Trio @ KNOW14

C Level

Here is the image that attendees instantly connected with.

Life Career Work

Automate and manage service relationships

for service domains inside and outside the enterprise.

Inside : Outside

It’s a platform and we’re going to go places with it.


Evolution of the Service Model with new capabilities.

Service Model

Business Management layer enables Business Transformation.

Business Management

ServiceNow Share Debuts at KNOW14

New Online Exchange Facilitates Content Sharing Among ServiceNow Customers and Partners

ServiceNow Share , an online exchange where customers and partners can upload and download applications and development content. Share users can leverage ideas from others in the community and do not have to rebuild similar functionality from scratch. Application creation and service delivery can be accelerated to meet the needs of the business.

Axelos Global Best Practice is developing an ITSM Community Portal and should take a leaf out of this ServiceNow SHARE book.

Financial Statements For Servicenow Inc (Now)

“Year over year, ServiceNow, Inc. has seen their bottom line shrink from a loss of $37.3M USD to an even larger loss of $73.7M USD despite an increase in revenues from $243.7M USD to $424.7M USD.

An increase in the percentage of sales devoted to SGA costs from 55.58% to 60.52% was a key component in the falling bottom line in the face of rising revenues”. Source – Bloomberg Business Week

Screen shot 2014-05-10 at 13.42.26

Three month Stock Chart

NOW Stock Chart

Industry watchers envisage that profitability and stock price will improve fairly quickly. Let’s see how events unfold.

In the last 12 months:

34% growth in Customers from 1,640 to 2,195


Employee numbers increased 66% from 1,269 to 2,103

“PartnerNow™, the ServiceNow Global Partner Program, is designed to meet the needs of the ServiceNow partner ecosystem.  Maximizing profitability, go-to-market strategies and customer satisfaction, ServiceNow provides its partners with everything they need to build a ServiceNow practice”.

It is important that the “Face of ServiceNow” that customers see must live up to their inflated expectations. Worldwide Partners have much to do to deliver on the promises made by Fred Luddy as do the software companies who strive to achieve certified integration.

Frank Slootman is betting the company on the “Cloudification of IT” and “Managing the Service Enterprise”. The Business Process-as-a-Service solutions for Back Office HR, Finance and Facilities functions is a crowded market. Companies only do these types of Transformations once every 3-5 years so keen to understand the product roadmap and how existing customers will use the platform for disruptive innovation.

The future is about “All Things Digital” and connectedness at “Lightspeed” not hiding in the basement of the enterprise or with your head up in the clouds.

“What Workday does is Modernizational but what ServiceNow does is Transformational”

 and a final quote from Frank

Screen shot 2014-05-10 at 18.11.36



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