I consistently get asked the same question by clients – What Does Good Look Like?

My reply is to draw upon the many references of “Good Practice” and successful Business Transformation programmes that I have seen over a 28 year career with a top-tier Technology Consultancy.

Work on Client projects stretch across Financial Services, Retail, High Tech and Public Services industries. Business locations in multiple geographies.

Extensive experience of implementing “Good Practices” across the project lifecycle stages from pre contract to service introduction involving multi-suppliers and onshore/offshore cross-functional teams.

If you have a query regarding any post or are seeking advice about your own project then please email me and my typical response time is 2-3 days.

email address = whatdoesgoodlooklike@gmail.com

or alternatively send a direct message to my Twitter userid – @WDGLL

What does good look like is achieved by striving for a healthy work life balance. So a separate business email is of prime importance as I value my privacy.


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