Is TFT13, not the ITIL joint venture, the way forward for IT Service Management Practices?


Chris Dancy TFT13 What’s it all about

“TFT, Tomorrow’s Future Today, is the world’s first 24-hour, global, follow-the-sun virtual conference. It has a size and level of innovation that has never been seen before.

Speakers are selected by their peers and elevated to a global stage overnight.

All content is accessible, without registration, pushed to Kindle and Evernote, available on iTunes, Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud.

TFT unites knowledge workers turning them into a global network of influencers, organizations and consumers”.

Source – Servicesphere website

TFT on slideshare – LINK

ITIL Joint Venture announcement: Chris Barrett Interview

NewCo Chris Barrett talks about relevancy, pragmatism and listening to ideas from all stakeholders in order to grow the community and take ITIL and PPM to the next level. Tread carefully NewCo as the next level could be either the penthouse or the basement.

Is it worth paying for stale ITIL Intellectual Property that is released at two different rhythms “2 speed ITIL” or access free cutting-edge content from TFT13 which is more freely accessible?

Peter Hepworth – ITIL Joint Venture – NewCo CEO

“Listening to and talking with as many people as possible at this stage will help us shape how we work in the future and ensure minimal disruption to all parties during the transition phase.

How do you plan to involve the practitioner community?

One of our key priorities is to involve practitioners. We want to jointly determine the best way to do this, which is part of the open dialogue we are starting now. We will increase our presence and voice via social media and also at community events and conferences. I want to see a two-way stream of communication as we move towards the real start of business in January.

My most recent experience in video games is interesting from a number of perspectives; the digital transition that games have been through; the importance of connected communities and the opportunities for simulation and the principles of game design to continue to improve training and learning”

WDGLL specs

So “Gamification” and simulations may help NewCo to improve “Best Management Practice” training delivery, which is estimated to be a $1bn global business, but the gamification topic is moving at a different pace with companies like Bunchball improving the user engagement experience for their clients.

One of the NewCo routes to growth will be served by “Building an online community supported by a collaborative / social platform”

In my view the community of IT Service Management practitioners will only free up an hour of their day to join a “BrightTALK” hosted webinar if the topic and presenter have an authentic / original point of view and message to convey.

Bill Gates wrote in 1996 that “content is king” with respect to the Internet and nearly 20 years on we are at a fork in the road for IT Service Maangement practices where you either purchase content from a Central Knowledge Repository (NewCo) or you create your own personal “Knowledge Locker” and openly share ideas and information.

Chris Dancy with his disruptive TFT13 model is providing a global digital platform for IT Service Management practitioners (consumers) to make the right hyper-connections with “cutting edge” content creators. Content submissions are voted upon and during speaker sessions the community is able to provide real-time feedback and further enrich the dialogue.

The TFT13 model of content creation for multi-channel consumption is the way forward and will continue to disrupt the IT Service Management industry.

Having contributed to the ITILv3 2007 edition, I am not interested in creating content for the JV central Body of Knowledge so that NewCo an profit from my ideas (e.g. End-to-End Service Model).  As I said in a previous Tweet – “I Think I’ll Leave” ITIL behind me.

Here is a link to the TFT13 videos – LINK – Check out the Mark Kawasaki clip which has generated much comment.


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