Did HP CEO Meg Whitman discover the New Style of IT?


So it was late Tuesday night when I tuned in to the live stream of the HP Discover 2013 opening address by Kevin Bacon followed by the Meg Whitman keynote (On Demand link at foot of post)

HP state that Software will drive the “New Style of IT” so what were the key new Announcements @ HP Discover 2013?

HAVEn – combines proven technologies from HP Autonomy, HP Vertica Analytics Platform, HP ArcSight and HP Operations Management, as well as key industry initiatives such as Hadoop. LINK to full press release

Recap of some of the highlights from Day 1

where a “boatload of Innovation was announced”

Cloud OS provides the foundation for the common architecture for the HP converged cloud

The HP Moonshot System is like nothing else that exists today. It’s a huge leap forward in infrastructure design that addresses the speed, scale, and specialization needed for a “New Style of IT.”

HP Moonshot web servers are designed and tailored for specific workloads to deliver optimum performance. These low power servers share management, power, cooling, networking, and storage. This architecture is key to achieving 8x efficiency at scale*, and enabling 3x faster innovation cycle.

“With nearly 10 billion devices connected to the internet and predictions for exponential growth, we’ve reached a point where the space, power, and cost demands of traditional technology are no longer sustainable. HP Moonshot marks the beginning of a new style of IT that will change the infrastructure economics and lay the foundation for the next 20 billion devices. ” Meg Whitman

WDGLL specs

The Gartner Nexus of Four Forces are generally accepted as the major trends and hence pillars of the “New Style of IT”.

With respect to these four SMAC forces – Social Interaction, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud it is my perception that HP with HAVEn, Vertica and Cloud OS is very much in the game against their recognised competitors.

In addition, the HP Moonshot web servers are an example of hardware innovation and will significantly address the loss in market share from the enterprise PC division.

So to what extent is HP positioned to exploit the shift to the “New Style of IT”?

Well beauty ( style / fashion ) is typically in the eye of the beholder and therefore very much subjective.

I am not really feeling the “New Style of IT” branding especially when the previous brand “Make IT Matter” forgot to add the “To Me”

When Meg Whitman talks about a partner that a client can trust and “We’ve Got Your Back” in her keynote, I must admit I find it difficult to be energised by her presentations. LINK to HP On Demand

Clients and HP Partners expect her to be providing them with the capability to see around the next corner and exploit HP offerings to deliver sustainable value to the Business rather than watching their backs.

The HPQ stock price has been climbing well since the turn of the year so maybe Meg Whitman does have a “Mystic Meg” crystal ball after all.

On a different tack the HP Autonomy booth demonstrated their Aurasma augmented reality mobile app. Here is a very quick peek at the other major star of the show – Iron Man


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