Will Dell Professional Services deliver “ The Power to Do More”?

Dell World 2012 – Influencer Panel

In the Q&A session with Dell’s Executive Leadership Team one of the key messages was the need to build out a broader portfolio by moving into Solutions and Services.

Dell Services Helps Customers Transform IT with New and Expanded Offerings Across Security, Cloud, Application Modernization and Support

“Customers from small businesses to large enterprises, across geographies and industries, selected Dell Services in 2012 to help transform IT and solve business problems. With industrialized service offerings that make it simple for customers to receive the level of service that’s right for them, Dell Services offers consulting services and end-to-end capabilities that empower IT to achieve cost savings, growth and innovation”.

Dell Professional Services and Business Intelligence Consulting

Data Insights: Customer Interview with Brian Garcia, Team Express

How much more Dell is able to do.  Bringing technologies together into Solutions that we can grow and transform our business.

Project RIPTide: Business Analytics meets innovation at Dell

Dell Partnership with Siemens

Intermountain Healthcare, which operates 22 hospitals, a medical group with 185 clinics and a health plan in Utah is working with Dell and Siemens to implement a cloud-based vendor-neutral image archival solution to aggregate imaging data across multiple departments. The solution enables better access to information for clinicians and better care for patients.

Flix Brewhouse – Operating a New Entertainment Experience

Technology is vital, without technology we would be dead in the water.  Dell assembled a multi-disciplinary team to look at how to solve a complex business problem.  Dell has enabled us to do so many things that we couldn’t have done in the old days.

Dell World 2012 highlights. 


DelI state that the PC is still the preferred device for work.  This may be true as I have a corporate Dell Latitude and use MS Office [but not Windows 8].

Dell are following the strategy set out by Meg Whitman @ HP to grow the Services side of the Business due to falling PC sales.

Although the Dell share price has halved this year you can see from the highlights clip that Michael Dell has a clear vision for the future of Dell.

End-to End Solutions and Professional Services will enable Dell clients and customers to do more.

The major buzz from Dell World 2012 was about the Mike Shinoda demonstration of the Open Labs StageLight software.

Mike Shinoda – Linkin Park

Our creative process is expanded by powerful and intuitive technology

Technology is at the centre of the method of which I make art.

Way I use Technology sets our band apart from other groups creatively.


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