Revolutionising Applications for more Effective Engagement

Geoffrey Moore

Managing Director, TCG Advisors

Systems of Record are evolutionary whereas Systems of Engagement are revolutionary.

We are now living digitally mediated lives.

The structure of Business has changed from old hierarchal organisations to Business networks of specialised enterprises.

Use Systems of Engagement to create differentiated moments of engagement.

CIOs Must Plan Now For New Systems Of Engagement

by Ted Schadler (above), John C. McCarthy [Forrester]

“By 2016, smartphones and tablets will put power in the pockets of a billion global consumers. Mobile is not simply another device for IT to support with a shrunken website or a screen-scraped SAP application. Rather, mobile is the manifestation of a much broader shift to new systems of engagement. These systems of engagement help firms empower their customers, partners, and employees with context-aware apps and smart products. To remain vital in this business technology reformation, CIOs must step up and work with other executives to establish an “office of the chief mobility officer” to implement an enterprisewide mobile strategy. This team will coordinate the business and technology investments under a “design for mobile first” mantra that delivers four immediate benefits:

  1. fuel profitable growth with stickier offerings and mobile self-service;
  2. move faster along the mobile learning curve;
  3. aggregate mobile project budgets to fund needed engagement technology; and
  4. grow from an IT group focused on systems of record to a business technology group focused on systems of engagement”.

Operate efficiently to Innovate effectively.

Next Generation Applications have the power to drive innovation

IT is gridlocked in Operating instead of Innovating

Revolutionalising how you manage your Applications

Applications are measured and managed based on Business priorities

We live in an era where Business and Technology are one and the same always on and always connected and applications are at the centre of it.  A new era calls for a new approach.


Systems of Engagement are revolutionary and create differentiated and compelling consumer interactions online.

Heretofore Systems of Record Applications, for example SAP have processed large data sets (Big Data) and made the management of information more challenging.

New Systems of Engagement Applications will be dependent on the customer granting permission to use their personal data.  

An example of new Systems of Engagement are applications developed to interact with a persons wearable device in an earpiece, glasses or clothing.

This functionality has been available for use by the military and is already on the CIO radar.

If your organisation does not have the capability to Manage Next Generation Applications you will have no choice but to turn to an External Service Provider. 

So this means that the Technolgy capability needs to think more creatively about what is required in order to support the engagement of all stakeholders / external customers. 

“Every generation needs a new revolution.”

Thomas Jefferson


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