Take the first step on your journey from the Knowledge to Creative Economy

Gary Hamel – Business Thinker

“Don’t miss the innovation boat, turn management assumptions upside down.  Change must be dramatic, deep, and transformational. Gary Hamel explains the need for radical thinking that enables every employee to be a business innovator.”

01:45 We are no longer in the Knowledge economy we are now in the Creative economy and that is going to require huge changes in the way we think

02:55 Dramatically increasing the creative potential and capabilities of your own people.

05:00 Require a radical change in Management

Gary Hamel also mentioned that IBM took a $14bn swing in earnings in the 1990s.  Under Lou Gartner’s leadership IBM transformed from a Product led to a Services company. Gerstner said:

“Services is clearly the largest and fastest-growing portion of the information technology industry, and we continue to extend our leadership position each quarter, … Our software business continues to gain momentum.”

IBM has a heavy focus on innovation and spends >$25bn a year on R&D.  This has had a significant positive impact on the company share price.

Warren Buffet has seen an increase in his $10.7 bn investment in IBM stock to $13.2 bn (Mar 12)

Smarter Business Needs Smarter Thinking

The way we work isn’t working

What if there was a way for CIOs to take the busyness out of Business

Collaboration solutions enable people to connect to co-workers share knowledge and be more creative as a result.

Social Learning Fosters Innovation

Connect, Contribute and Cultivate to create One Global network

By investing in business innovation both Global High Value Consulting and Services companies are thriving whilst the Indian Pure Plays (HCL, INFY, TCS and WIPRO) are struggling to convince the Market that they have the “secret sauce” required to deliver the same CAGR. 

So the thinking around Knowledge Workers has been widely accepted and organisations of any size are at various stages of adoption.

These same organisations are also exploring how new ways of collaboration can unlock the creative potential of people.  

Increasingly an individuals performance is being assessed on their ability to create new content, connect with others to share their ideas and help build value for the organisation. 

To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything – Albert Einstein



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