Will the CIO survive or thrive?

 Does the company CIO have a future?

Mike Cooke (Booz & Company)

Extract from an article for the Financial Times.

What will become of the chief information officer by the year 2020? One only need reference the rapid change of both technology and the information technology (IT) function over the last 50 years to ascertain that the continued metamorphosis of the CIO role is unarguable.

Four macro-level, disruptive forces are largely responsible for IT’s waning influence:

  • The first was the bursting of the dot-com bubble.
  • The second was the “the great recession” – the second recession of the decade
  • The third force behind the trend reversal was the emergence of capable, global outsourcers.
  • The fourth was the development of technologies that took technology out of the hands of the IT department and gave it to a set of service providers or even the end-user.

CIO – Disruptor or Disrupted

Kevin Campbell (Accenture)

CIOs are now faced with increasingly fast technological change and the increasingly critical demands of business, says, which for them represent both a threat and an opportunity.

IT Leaders Spotlight Critical Role of CIO as Enterprise Leader and Essential Driver of Business Growth

Great CIOs deliver exceptional leadership, innovation and transformation. That was the main message at the [HMG] CIO Executive Leadership Summit held last week at the JW Marriott in Houston

Multiple breakout sessions and panels covered critical challenges such as enterprise leadership strategy; “cloudonomics” and delivering business value through cloud computing; guiding enterprise transformation; supporting innovation; protecting sensitive information; human capital development; and the emerging leadership challenges facing CIOs in the 21st century enterprise.

How CIOs can ensure they are fit for the future

Tom McEwan (PA Consulting Group)

CIOs must get the balance right between utility and innovation in order to enable their organisation to be Fit For the Future, and secure influence.

Carolyn Duffy Marsan – Network World

Top IT executives are spending more of their time [77%] than ever on business issues, such as finding ways to generate revenue and speed products to market through the adoption of new technology, rather than worrying about day-to-day operations of data centers or networks.

Ray Wang (Constellation Research)

CIOs of the future will no longer oversee multimillion dollar IT projects and lead organizational change through technology adoption.  Instead, the CIO definition will be broader, demanding that CIOs deliver more business value, profitability and market differentiation.

How will the CIO Thrive?

The CIO must strive to build a true service organization, operating like a business within the business.

The CIO must guide their organization in leveraging technology to move the business forward.

The CIO must lead the technology team to better meet internal stakeholder needs.  For example, addressing the consumerization of IT where staff want to use personal devices and technologies they are comfortable with at work.

To thrive in the future the CIO must consider ways that big data, mobility and analytics can deliver value to the Business and external customers.

  • Big Data – A highly valued digital treasure trove to help meet the evolving needs of customers, spot trends and create new products and services.
  • Mobility – New devices, whether smartphone or tablet are placing new demands on organisations and service providers about how they interact with customers.
  • Analytics – More “predictive” analytics helps organisations to use the insights gathered to make more effective decisions that can deliver better outcomes.

Ideally the CIO must either be a member of the full exec board or participate in the same governance forum as the CFO and COO.

The difference between the good and great CIO is that their focus is less about managing technology but more about spending the majority of their time delivering the business change agenda. 


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