The Future of Consulting

Claire Arnold is a foundering partner of Maxxim Consulting and a former Managing Director of the Human Capital practice and the London Search business at A T Kearney.
She leads large scale Transformation organisational strategy, chnage maangement and leadership development projects.

Capabilities, expertise and research will lead the way as consultancy firms shift focus from processes to people.

A new model for consulting is emerging; one based on valuing capability over brute capacity and automation, with that capability developed on the foundations of expertise and research.

At its heart is the knowledge that there are only three things in any organisation;

the Product or Service that you sell or provide

the Processes by which you make decisions

and your People. if you don’t pay real respect to your people, no amount of systemisation wil make the business work any better or cheaper.

New consultancies are smaller and staffed by people experienced both in running businesses and in working on projects; through which they have developed deep insight and innovative approached to provide clients with educated choices.

Above all. there is a new reliance upon personal integrity and honest straight talking relationships.

Do you have the right people doing the right jobs?

Maxxim founders Sozen Leimon and Claire Arnold talk about what Maxxim does. If you wish to view the 4+ minute webcast click here

Is consultancy something that small businesses should be thinking about?



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