Fusion 11 – 105 “Creating an actionable Service Catalog”

At the FUSION 11 service management conference on Monday, Andrew Kramer, PMG’s vice president of Customer Solutions, presented the “Creating an Actionable Service Catalog,” session.  It was claimed that this interactive session would clear up the confusion surrounding the service catalog and portfolio management.  Did the presenter clear things up?  

The Service Catalogue is mentioned in section of the Service Strategy core volume Page 173.  This section describes the role of service catalogue in service portfolio management and the relationship between the service portfolio, service pipeline and service catalogue. 

This approach is being overtaken by Cloud Based Services and the need for a Self-Service Catalog as described by Rodrigo Flores from Cisco

Here is what Barclay Rae has to say about designing and defining services for a service catalog.

My opinion is that most Service Providers are stuck in the back office where it is still about defining a set of IT Services (email, print etc.).  What the customer really values is the ATM full of cash on Friday and Saturday nights especially at month end.  A Service Catalog should link customers with the outcomes they desire.

I had a chat with the Axios guys in Scotland (BK,MS,JB) this week.  They kindly sent me a slide deck that shows that they “get it”.  Here is an example of a Business Template it refers to HR processes.

 ..and their thinking around the portal as a self service online service [shopping] catalogue.


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