Service Strategy


At 06.27 the Product Manager role has been removed. It would be interesting to ask Michael Nieves & Majid Iqbal for their view on this deletion.

At 08.40 Customer Agreement Portfolio is mentioned on page 178, section and is a contract repository.

At 09.50 Business Relationship Manager is a major and important addition. BRM was in version 2, but not in version 3. BRM is also in ISO/IEC 20000.

At 12.45 Service Strategy should be mandatory reading.

BRM is a major and important edition

I definitely agree that this is an important topic and would like to amplify the following points.

ITIL 2011 Edition says – BRM is the primary process for strategic communication with Customers including Application Development.

In my experience Project Investment decisions are typically made by a different set of Business Stakeholders who are not engaged in day-to-day service conversations.

In the UK the Global/Retail Banks have addressed the overlap between the BRM/Account Manager/Service Manager responsibilities by calling their customer facing individual a Business Partner who is dedicated to real strategic dialogue with their stakeholders.  Contact Jim Ditmore CIO @ Barclays; Stephen Norman CIO @ RBS or Darryl West CIO @ LBG.

ISEB the Information Systems Examination Board also has a Specialist Certificate in Business Relationship Management Syllabus.


Ivanka Menken knows what good looks like she has authored a BRM Workbook and Toolkit.

Business Relationship Management – too much for one person?

Andrew Horne is global head of research at the CIO Executive Board, program of the Corporate Executive Board.

The task requires a range of skills that are hard to find in one person as described in the following article


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