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All Things Digital 11 – what is the future for TV?


“Since its debut in 2003, The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference has been breaking news, highlighting innovation, and bringing you straight-up, unvarnished conversations with the most influential figures in media and technology.

D is different from other conferences: no canned speeches, no marketing pitches, and no bull. Instead, creators and executive producers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher put the industry’s top players to the test during unscripted conversations about the impact digital technology will have on our lives now and in the future. The results are unprecedented glimpses into the ideas and strategies of the industry’s most creative thinkers”.

Tim Cook – there is a grand vision for the Apple TV product

(Poor sound quality therefore you will need to increase volume)

Fanhattan Set Top – Friday Evening Product

Gilles BianRosa, Co-Founder and CEO of Fanhattan, showed off the company’s upcoming FanTV set top box which is a sleek TV controller with more than 200 sensors, but no buttons.

The hardware device is designed to combine traditional cable programming and online streaming services into a single unified interface.

The set top device will not be sold directly to consumers. Instead Fanhattan is in the process of negotiating deals with cable and satellite TV providers.

The battle for the living room is lost

“Our TV watching habits have evolved. The television screen is no longer the only screen in our living rooms. Laptops, smartphones and tablets have invaded the living room and are bidding for our precious attention. But in 2013, the battle for the living room will not consist of competing devices aimed at replacing the TV screen. Rather, the challenge for TV publishers and advertisers will be to unite these screens into a complementary experience”. Chris Ferrel & Caitlin Mitchell – LINK

The Battle for the Living Room Is Over — The War for the Consumer Is On

“We are rapidly iterating devices to simply be powerful screens connected to the Internet, connected to clouds. The main question for a consumer will soon be, “Which size screen will I use in the car? On the train? In rooms in my house?” That answer will be driven by which hardware vendors have aggregated the best services for consumers, coupled with a compelling user interface (UI), frictionless commerce opportunities and social and communications layers built in.

The reality today is that consumers can do nearly the exact same things on a device with a 4-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch or 20-inch screen. There will naturally be some functions that will be more appropriate on one screen size over another, but interchangeability is already here”.

P.J. McNealy, Founder, Digital World Research – LINK

WDGLL specs

So it looks like the battle for the living room is over and industry commentators have named this as the “post TV era” period in the same way that we are now in the post PC era. Family members use their tablets and smartphones to follow Twitter hashtags and join the real-time dialogue.

For quality content [HBO, AMC] that people want to watch who will endure traditional broadcasters or the likes of Hulu, Netflix?

For me it is not about how people watch it is about what content they watch on the device of their choosing be it from the couch or on the go.

My money is on Dick Costolo and his plans for Twitter to create a much more engaging experiences for users.

The market will decide if this is the best strategy as they value the company when it goes public next year.

Dick Costolo CEO Twitter

“We’ve recognized that Twitter is the second screen for TV, and TV is more fun with Twitter”.

“Twitter is the social soundtrack for TV.”

“We are trying to create a much more engaging experiences for users”

“we are trying to build a global town square – public, real-time, conversational, widely distributed”

Dick Costolo at D11 : Why Twitter Loves TV – Video Link


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