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Forrester – how to boost Customer Experience to the Next Level


Six disciplines companies need to master to deliver

a great customer experience

The Path to Customer Experience Maturity

Why Customer Experience will become the #1 CIO Priority

“In the new era of always-connected consumers – what Forrester calls The Age Of The Customer – customer experience is so critical that I predict it will become the #1 priority for CIOs. In part because unhappy customers have the power to alter the course of any organization, as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings discovered in 2011, when his US customers forced him into an about-turn on his strategy to split movies-by-mail from online streaming”.

“Our research suggests CIOs and IT leaders are critical players in winning the customer experience game. And IT leaders need to understand their team’s role in customer experience. But to win, IT can’t simply pay lip service to customer experience. IT leaders must consider it a very real business discipline and see it as one of the most important roles of the technology team”.

Nigel Fenwick – LINK

You’re Doing Customer Experience Innovation Wrong

“Customer experience innovation happens at the intersection of consumer needs, business model, and brand. Companies that neglect one or more pieces of this innovation puzzle will be forever relegated to customer experience mediocrity, on par with throngs of other companies desperate to fix their experience issues and retain customers”. Kerry Bodine – LINK

WDGLL specs

My own favourite online customer experience is Amazon. I select a Kindle title and order with 1 click. I receive an email order confirmation in < 1 min and the eBook is available to download to my iPad. Frictionless.

I would call out Apple for a good in-store experience. Apple employees follow a 5 step approach to customer service:

  • Approach

  • Probe

  • Present

  • Listen

  • End with a fond farewell

Finally – a word from Jeannie Walters who is the Chief Customer Experience Investigator™ and founder of 360Connext

background noise level decreases, definitely worth listening to her Point of View


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Forrester : We need our customers more than they need us


The Power Of Putting Customers At The Center Of Your Business

November 06-07, 2012 in London

We’ve entered a new era that Forrester calls the age of the customer — a time when focus on the customer matters more than any other strategic imperative.


To make the leap from incremental improvements to breakthrough transformation, companies must routinely perform a set of sound, standard practices. These practices fall into six high-level disciplines:

  • customer experience strategy;
  • customer understanding;
  • design;
  • governance;
  • measurement; and
  • culture.

How To Profit From The Outside-In Perspective On Customer Experience

Customer experience leads to profits . . . but not because it makes your customers feel warm and fuzzy, and not if it’s just a slogan. Customer experience leads to profits . . . if you treat it as a business discipline. In fact, customer experience is the greatest untapped source of both decreased costs and increased revenues in most industries — but only if you take the time to understand what drives it and how you can benefit financially from improving it.

I particularly like the Fidelity case study from the Outside In book.  The competition for share of the High Net Worth individual wallet is intensifying. The quality of Wealth and Asset Management services are key brand differentiators in the Financial Services industry.  An increase of four and a half times in individual investments is truly stellar.

Kerry makes the point that Internal Shared Services functions [HR, Finance, Procurement, IT] must also take an Outside In approach.  Typically the guiding principles of these back-office capabilities is to hold the Business captive because they firmly believe that there is no alternative.  This level of arrogance will not be tolerated by the Business who will choose to spend their budget elsewhere. Outcome based services are delivered by 3rd Party Providers who have built their brand on delivering on their promises to the customer.

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