ServiceNow says that this is the end of No and the beginning of Now

knowledge13“Knowledge13 is where IT transformation takes the world stage.  This conference is about knowledge consumption.  From CIOs to system admins, our users have an insatiable appetite for learning how to do more with ServiceNow,” said Beth White, chief marketing officer, ServiceNow.

“Attendees learn IT transformation strategies from real experts.   This event is not full of vendor and analyst puff – 90 percent of the content at Knowledge13 will be delivered by people who have actually implemented and are using ServiceNow to successfully transform the service delivery experience within their companies.”

ServiceNow president and CEO Frank Slootman is ranked at #19 in the Silicon Valley 100 which is Business Insider’s authoritative compilation of the people who did the coolest things in Silicon Valley this year.

This is the end of No and the beginning of Now


Opening Keynote address – very long replay.  Nuggets signposted:

The number of ServiceNow employees has increased by 57% in the last year (1269 vs 729)

04:20 – To IT, For IT, Thru IT

06:02 the end of No and the beginning of Now videoclip

10:00 the department of No & 14:04 IT ranking down there with the legal department

13:02 IT is the new manufacturer and our footprint has grown inside the Business

19:45 ERP for IT and a Single System of Record

25:30 Service Experience – what’s it like to do business with IT?

33:15 businesses are over staffed and under automated

33:45 most of the work we do is Message Centric business processes e.g. talk, email etc. which are not structured, not defined or automated

36:15 the future of IT is going to be the management of Service Relationships

38:40 Three vectors of Transformation = Consolidate, Consumerize and Automate:

    • Consolidate enables a single system of record
    • Consumerize the service experience
    • Extraordinary opportunity to Automate

39:00 Transform IT Now videoclip

41:40 Enterprise IT Now videoclip

Fred Luddy – Founder and Chief Product Officer

“ServiceNow announced enhanced mobile capabilities that provide IT with the ability to view and interact with their work anytime, anywhere.  The new mobile features require no additional configuration, customization and implementation changes”

“ServiceNow for iPad is a key innovation in enabling our customers to execute on their enterprise mobility strategy,” said Fred Luddy, founder and chief product officer, ServiceNow.  “As mobile devices continue to proliferate in the enterprise, they will become the primary device for users.  ServiceNow will increasingly add new features and functionality to further help our customers improve service delivery and transform enterprise IT.”

02:20 Announced the ability to run all our applications on the iPad and 08:08 first step to a totally mobile app. Native IOS app will be faster and have a better user interface.

04:40 system is able to remember what you repetitively do as a user and will create a shortcut

05:35 good artists copy and great artists steal – take and reformulate for the problems you are trying to solve

09:25 we want to streamline process / workflow as much as possible.  If we can get a Change Manager to approve 5 changes from their mobile phone they will be much more productive

10:55 Service Relationship Management reference

Importantly – Don’t try and sell Service Management and Automation investment based on ITIL process adoption

Be the automator not the automated

WDGLL specs

Service Management & Automation will enable providers to deliver Service @ Speed

Frank Slootman said that the tools of this major change are workflow and associated management automation technologies and, of course, the streamlined business processes they mandate. “The impact of moving from E-mail & Excel to a record workflow system on organizational efficiency is tremendous”

The citizen developer concept is all well and good however clients will want a partner who can build and implement business process customisations.

It is not about the end of No and the beginning of Now it is about the beginning of a New era for IT Service Management practices with ServiceNow stating that IT is going to be the experts in defining, structuring and automating service relationships.

To repeat – the future of IT is going to be the management of Service Relationships.

ServiceNow went public last year with stock symbol NOW and it is interesting that one of their competitors BMC is going back to being a private company this month.

“We believe that ServiceNow’s current valuation is reflective of a temporary frenzy..” Seeking Alpha LINK

My observation is that the Gartner term “Peak of Inflated Expectations” – [a frenzy of publicity typically generates over-enthusiasm and unrealistic expectations] may apply.

ServiceNow has experienced a significant increase in headcount.  To what extent are these new joiners Marketing and Account Managers priming the pump?

As a public company the focus is on quarterly revenue and profit. It will be tough to sustain the Q1 2013 results -revenues of $85.9 million, an increase of 81% compared to the first quarter of 2012, and an increase of 14% from the fourth quarter of 2012

In closing, I am a luddite in that if Fred Luddy were to cash in his shares / stock options then what would be the impact on the ServiceNow share price and strength of client relationships?



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