Leslie Grossman says that everyone needs his or her own entourage

Link Out: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections

ISBN:9781118380581 – LINK

“Your “Link Out” journey begins by identifying your vision and then linking out via a new networking model with the goal of building trusted relationships that multiply and expand bringing you results and fulfillment.

Let’s move into the Collaboration Economy together!”

Everyone needs an entourage:

 Network  Entourage
 One- or two-time connection  Life-long relationship
 A stack of business cards  People you talk to regularly
 Forgets your name  Returns your calls and e-mails
 One-way support  Mutual support—people help each other
 Quick surface communication  In-depth, sincere communication
 Inconsistent follow-up  Reliable follow-up
 Call/e-mail only when they need something  Call/e-mail to make introductions and referrals
 Self-win attitude  Win-win attitude
 No interest in your personal life  Interested in your professional and personal life
 Lack of trust in the relationship  Trusted relationship

“Having an entourage puts each of us on the receiving end. An entourage offers us advice, new connections, recommendations, and referrals for clients and customers, too. As I’ve shared previously throughout this book, the link out process works only when you consider it a two-way street. An entourage not only provides, but it also offers a unique opportunity to give back. Giving back to your entourage and to others outside your entourage is a way for people to collaborate on behalf of one another’s success.

The more we link out, the more powerful relationships we will have and the more people we will have in our entourage. Of course, this increases the number of opportunities to make our vision a reality. The other side of the coin is that we also have many more opportunities to do good for others, and help their visions come true. I believe if all of us focus on building our entourages using the link out strategy, we could actually make a shift in the world.”

“The true test of whether someone will be a long-term member of your entourage is that they encourage you to achieve your vision and have a fulfilled life and successful business. Members of your entourage make introductions, give advice from their own experiences and offer support, and you do the same for them.

Once you get started, your entourage will not only support you, they will also connect you with new people who will come to believe in you as well, and together they will help you thrive. It’s important to realize that an entourage is not just about you. In fact, in building an entourage, the first step is to ask the other person about their vision and goals, and then share yours. Second, look for ways to help them. The more generous we are helping the other person, the more trust is built and the more willing that person is to want to help us. An entourage is a collaborative relationship. 

Here are five reasons to invest more time in linking out to build an entourage:

  1. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, who create social media, connect with each other and with investors in person at breakfast meetings, association gatherings and events. That’s how they build powerful relationships which open doors to their newest start-ups, products, and collaborations. Surprisingly, they don’t make these valuable connections through social media.
  2. Customers buy products and services from people they trust or from referrals they get from people they trust. Trust is only gained through face-to-face relationships. An entourage can serve as a good referral source for business.
  3. Women who invest time in being active in nonprofit causes and business associations, build strong relationships with people who can open doors and make introductions in new circles of influence. Too often, women don’t see this as a priority to grow their business.
  4. Location is not an excuse for going it alone. With Skype, Face Time and Google Hangouts, we can still have face-to-face communications, no matter where we are based. My friend and entourage member Runa Magnus, executive coach, speaker and trainer, and I have regular conversations on Skype. I would almost swear she is in the same room with me, yet she is in Iceland.
  5. It’s never too soon or too late to launch or grow your entourage. Whether you are a new business owner or have been an entrepreneur for many years, once you start, your connections and relationships will flow. In fact, consider evaluating your current business relationships – are they collaborative or a one-way street? It may be time to make a shift to a new entourage.

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I have been very fortunate in my career to attend several high impact personal development courses.

Two stand-out; Art of Thinking Together [Dialogos]  and the Leadership Trust

Both courses were way ahead of their time and I still maintain enduring connections with my fellow attendees.

Do I call this my personal entourage? maybe but I definitely buy-in to the Link Out philosophy as espoused by Leslie:

“Hearing is listening to what is said. Listening is hearing what isn’t said.”

“The 3 Cs of leadership = Communication, Courage and Collaboration”

“Beyond Networking : Link Out for long-term relationships that deliver results”


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