Will Cloud services enable HP to survive then thrive?

HP Stock Price – Year to Date

“Hewlett-Packard reported the worst-ever loss in its 73-year history as the technology giant’s ongoing struggles were compounded by a big writedown. The world’s largest PC maker by volume also reported a 5% decline in revenue.

Whitman warned that the company was feeling the impact of a weak macro economy and intense competition in PCs and elsewhere; she said that some of the company’s efforts to fix the company for the long-run could hurt results in the short-run.”

In the last quarter of 2011 Apple had moved into top position on the strength iPad sales.

“HP regains top spot in client PC market” [in Q1 2012] according to research by Canalyis. LINK

HP hasn’t been evolving rapidly enough to avoid a downturn in its financial performance. 

Meg Whitman on what she has done at HP as CEO (first 8 months)

“HP is still in the early stages of a multi-year turnaround, and we’re making decent progress despite the headwinds,” said Meg Whitman, HP CEO. “During the quarter we took important steps to focus on strategic priorities, manage costs, drive needed organizational change, and improve the balance sheet. We continue to deliver on what we say we will do.”

Spin off the PC Business? No, PCs are a significant part of the Business.

HP is in the Hardware, Software and Services Business.

HP CloudStart Solution Services

The easiest and fastest way to build your hybrid delivery cloud solution on HP CloudSystem

“HP experts conduct detailed technical and business analysis, create detailed design leading to specific technology, tools and standards recommendations based on HP’s cloud computing reference architecture. This architecture acts as a common framework for customer cloud engagements with HP. It accommodates different customer go-to-market plans, HP or partner technologies, software stacks and related cloud service requirements.”

HP CloudSystem Overview

A quick summary of HP’s activity in the Cloud with Mark Potter and industry analyst Mark Peters, with Steve Dietch introducing HP CloudSystem.

The fast track to Cloud Services and Instant On Enterprise

The enterprise Cloud solution focused on clients looking to deploy private, public and hybrid cloud environments and the full range of service models (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).

Why HP CloudSystem

Steve Gonzalez, HP Sr. Enterprise Architect and James Johnson, HP Cloud Solution Design Services Architect.

What does the value of Services mean to us?

 HP CloudSystem Service Provider

NNIT and HP Cloud Service Automation

Jesper Bagh, Solution Architect at worldwide Norway-based service provider NNIT, discusses NNIT’s cloud computing solution and the benefits of HP Cloud Service Automation.

In order to survive HP needs to shift focus from selling hardware [tin] for a single payment to generating increased revenue through software and more importantly “Cloud Based” services which provide a steady stream of revenue over the life of a contract.

HP will thrive if the company creates a more compelling strategy for its investors by placing a few “Big Bets”. 

Increased investment in a Cloud portfolio of “Everything-as-a-Service” is a no-brainer.  HP should deliver end-to-end cloud services from CloudSystem matrix to Instant On enterprise and high value Cloud Consulting Solutions.

In the latest HP commercial the message is to “Make IT Matter”.  Well HP needs to eat it’s own dog feed and Make IT Matter for existing and new clients by promoting the HP cloud services portfolio.


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