SunGard establishes a Cloud Computing Research Center with UT

“SunGard Enterprise Cloud Services combines SunGard’s  world-class infrastructure with best-in-breed operational support. Enterprise Cloud Services not only helps elevate application availability —it also solidifies security and compliance frameworks.

SunGard cloud consulting combines business-focused discipline, deep technical expertise, and broad industry experience to tailor a high-value solution to your  specific requirement.

SunGard is a single source for comprehensive expertise to help:

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  • deliver a more agile, efficient, highly available and recoverable cloud environment”

SunGard Partners with UT Austin to Create Cloud Computing Research Center

SunGard Availability Services recently joined with the University of Texas at Austin to create a Cloud Computing Research Center. In this video, SunGard’s Chandler Vaughn, and Bruce Porter and Keshav Pingali from UT Austin discuss the partnership’s goal: to jointly solve problems that are of particular relevance to cloud and distributed computing.

01:55 Cloud Computing Market has been exploding in the last year,  Enterprises and Governments are asking how do I do it?

Opportunity to define what Cloud Computing means to the market

The cloud computing center will initially have four or five faculty members assigned to it, said Bruce Porter, chair of UT’s computer sciences department.

The center’s research will focus on areas such as mobile computing, networking, verification, fraud protection and encryption, officials said, and will include developing approaches to protecting data as it traverses the cloud and the Internet.

“Cloud computing today is still in the early stages of development. As an industry, it’s still very much in its infancy. There are a number of problems that need to be solved in the next five to 10 years,” Kodukula said.

He said his company rated UT highly both for its research prowess and its openness in working with industry to commercialize research discoveries.

SunGard and UT Austin have created an executive committee composed of two UT Austin faculty (Professor Bruce Porter and Professor Keshav Pingali) and two SunGard executives (Kodukula and Chandler Vaughn, vice president, product development) to guide the overall research program at the Cloud Computing Research Center. One of the first projects under consideration is the development of an Exabyte-scale storage cloud building on the Depot research led by Professors Mike Walfish, Mike Dahlinand Lorenzo Alvisi.

SunGard Availability Services Chief Technology Officer, Indu Kodukula, walks us through how the SunGard cloud was built on best-in-class technology and how we are able to deliver a highly available solution for your applications, whether running on your environment or ours.

Simon Withers, Head of Product Management & Development, Cloud and Managed Services at SunGard Availability Services.

Phil Laslett, Enterprise Cloud Specialist at SunGard Availability Services.

So SunGard aims to move up the value chain from Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service offerings like Recover2Cloud or the the development of an Exabyte-scale storage cloud.

Applying Cloud Computing research to architect solutions to real Business problems will be quicker with the help of the faculty and bright young things at UT.

Harvesting the intellectual horsepower of the UT students will help invigorate and re-position SunGard Availability Services into a different Marketspace.



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