IDC launch a Cloud Decision Framework Tool

IT Leaders are struggling with the role and application of Cloud Computing.

Explore the topic of IT Cloud Decision Economics.

IDC has developed a new Cloud Decision Tool.

Access to the Tool is provided on a complimentary basis.

“IDC’s new Cloud Decision Economics tool, the Cloud Decision Framework Tool helps inform those seeking insights into the application and workload hosting strategies, analyzes private vs. public options and more.

Worldwide public IT cloud services spending is forecast to surpass $55 billion in 2014. Yet IT leaders continue to struggle with quantifying the operational, organizational, and financial implications of their application hosting and platform decisions.

To help IT decision makers to better understand their options and the associated implications as they move various enterprise workloads to the cloud, International Data Corporation has developed a new Cloud Decision Framework Tool.”

“This tool was carefully designed to help guide IT managers in their decisions around on-premise, private and public cloud computing options,” said Joe Pucciarelli, vice president, Technology Financial & Executive Strategies at IDC. “The painstaking evaluation struggles that once plagued the cloud decision-making process have been all but eliminated as the Cloud Decision Framework Tool does all the heavy lifting.”

IDC’s Cloud Decision Framework Tool Helps IT Managers:

  • Become more agile in the cloud decision making process
  • Understand and take advantage of the profound technology, platform, staffing, and economic opportunities that will shape IT strategies in the coming years
  • Identify customer priorities for IT cloud system management software investments
  • Align business/IT governance around a specific cloud vision
  • Restructure IT purchasing and sourcing approaches
  • Evaluate overall cloud goals

“The Cloud Decision Framework Tool allows you to decompose a very complex business decision by breaking it down into its key components. A CIO can use the tool to collaborate with the rest of the executive team and get them on board with moving to a cloud,” commented Allyn McGillicaddy, Principal, Office of the

IDC should be congratulated for creating a tool that will help inform IT Leadership in the development of their cloud adoption approach,  

The design principles and selection criteria support the decision making process by providing a fact based report against three dimensions – Organization, Operations and Business.

By making the tool complimentary IDC has made it possible for IT Leaders to “open the kimono” of external Service Providers and also to see through the solution vendors inflated claims.  

The Cloud Decision Framework will force the Cloud Brokers and Cloud Service Providers to demonstrate how they score / rate against a standard set of publicly available criteria.

So the time has arrived for the Cloud Ecosystem partners to stop being masters of spin and specify exactly how they will deliver speed to value.

My 24th June post was on the subject of Cloud Economics.



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