Service Strategy and the cloud

The ITIL 2011 Edition of the Service Strategy core volume provides a high level overview of Service Strategy and the cloud,

This content can be found in Appendix C

C.1 Characteristics of cloud services 387

On Demand, Ubiquitous (existing everywhere) Access, Resource Pooling (located anywhere with physical / virtual resources dynamically assigned), Rapid Elasticity (real-time provisioning) and Measured Services (pay-per-use metering)

C.2 Types of cloud service 388

Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service

C.3 Types of cloud 388

Private Cloud (Cloud Service Provider and Single Company), Community Cloud (Group of organisations), Public Cloud (standard service to gemeral public e.g. Gmail) and Hybrid Cloud (where comapnies may collaborate with each other in order to transfer data between them)

C.4 Components of a cloud architecture 389

Service catalog and portal, Service governance, Service delivery management and Infrastructure and service delivery

At 01:40 Different Service Delivery Models

CloudForce London 2011

Marc Benioff sets the scene at the Royal Festival Hall.  View this link

Cloud Sourcing the Corporation

Ben Trowbridge – Alsbridge (Sourcing Advisory)

Strategies You Can Use 100 Vendors You Should Know

The existing technology market is being destroyed to make way for the new, faster-moving cloud services world. But an immature market provides both opportunities and pitfalls for today’s CIO. Cloud Sourcing the Corporation provides a holistic perspective on the evolving cloud services market and acts as a guidebook for IT executives on their journey toward the cloud. Included in the book is the Cloud Sourcing 100 index (, the first exhaustive review of the emerging cloud services landscape with classifications and ratings.

The Cloud Providers Index can be pre-viewed here


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