Learning-By-Doing and the 70:20:10 Rule

Human Resources professionals are using the

70:20:10 rule

to accelerate the development of their people. It is regarded as the best practice model for learning and development.

70% of learning is by doing on the job, so that individuals build a set of experiences through regular practice. It is also about expanding the role by taking on different opportunities.

20% of development should come from watching, observing Service Management Practice experts in the trenches and via peer collaboration.

Finally 10% of learning time and budget should be devoted to virtual or external learning, so that participants gain a foundation of skills.

Given this guidance approval of training budget spend to attend public ITIL or Service Management training conducts may not be as beneficial as attending Fusion11 or the itSMF UK conference where individuals can connect and share their war stories.  I would like to hear how effective the ServiceCamp courses are in the US.

Additionally a Lean Six Sigma black belt Master must have delivered a $1m benefit to achieve accreditation.  It would be interesting to hear your views on what the Gold Standard for an ITIL Expert or Master should be.

The ITIL Expert course may be unrealistic in managing people’s expectations because when you sit back and ponder; can one person really be an expert in all 5 core volumes?

Moreover is it sensible for a Service Desk Analyst to become an expert in all things related to Demand Management when they typically do not have these types of day-to-day conversations with their customers.

Qualifications are extremely important to dynamic young people who are working in Asian countries so they will strive to become ITIL Experts and Masters.

Gary Hamel says that “People must be willing to learn from the fringe because Innovation doesn’t come from the mainstream”.

This is What Good Looks Like encourages you to look on the WEB which as Hamel says is “the global operating system for Innovation”.

It will be interesting to see how fast we can create new knowledge content as a community through discussion, pooling our ideas and collaboration.



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